Things To Do In Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is one of the cities in the state of New York with a total area of about 52.5 square metres and a population of about 25,6304. The city is also called the “City of Light’ due to its early implementation of electric power. The major culture of this city is a blend of northeastern and western traditions. It holds the famous festivals called the ‘Taste of Buffalo’. It is also the home of classic buffalo chicken wing which was born in the city of Buffalo and now a famous American food item. 

Buffalo, NY

People of Buffalo are also very passionate about their games. Some of the major League teams that are famous in Buffalo are Buffalo Sabres in hockey and Buffalo Bills in football.

Some famous places to visit in Buffalo, NewYork

1. Delaware Park and the Buffalo Zoo

Take your kids and family for a  fun and informative tour of Delaware park and The Buffalo Zoo. The place holds an array of exotic animals from across the world which includes Polar Bears, Tigers, Indian rhinoceroses, Gorilla Troops and many other animals. There is a small section for petting animals. It will give a personalized experience to your kids and teach them to respect and love animals. The zoo also holds a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, birds and other non-mammals. It has more than 1000 animals in it and is one of the best places to hangout in.

2. Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic site

If you are a history geek you will love this place. It holds important history of the United States of America. It is the place where Theodore Roosevelt took The Oath of office on September 14 1981. This is now treated as a museum with its important documents, pictures, art and other historic items displayed inside.

3. Buffalo And Erie County Naval Military Park

If you want to know about the military of the United States of America you can visit this place. It holds a wide variety of military items weapons, artillery and vehicles. You can get a guided tour of Missile Cruiser USS, Little Rock Destroyer USS, The Sullivan and Submarine USS Croaker. Military ships and aircrafts are also displayed in the park. You can get a guided tour, they will tell you how the Marines experience their life in the submarines. It also has a display of  things from World War II and the Civil War.

4. Darwin D Martin House

This house was designed by one of the famous designers Frank Lloyd Wright. It is considered one of the finest perrier houses that he created. The architecture of the building is a must see. It consists of six interconnected buildings and is one of the very famous historical landmarks in Buffalo, New York.

5. Liberty Building

This famous building was built in 1925 by Alfred Bossom. It is famous for the two huge statues on the rooftop based on the Statue of Liberty. This is a 23 stories tall building was one of the largest in Buffalo at the time it was built.

Best Places To Eat In Buffalo

1. Duff’s Famous Wings

If you want to experience the traditional buffalo hot wings, you need to go to the famous Duff’s kitchen. It is a very famous restaurant known for its spicy hot wings recipe. The place also holds an amazing range of pizzas, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and other delicious menu items.

2. Charlie The Butcher

If you want to eat Western New York famous dish ‘Beef on Weck’ this is the place to be. The restaurant offers good quality roast beef sandwiches with tasty side dishes and an array of different kinds of beer. The restaurant holds good reviews on Yelp and Google. People love the quality and taste of food and if you are a foodie you must visit Charlie the Butcher.

3. Paula’s Donuts

If you have a sweet tooth then Paula’s Doughnuts is the best place for you. Iit holds a wide variety of cake doughnuts and high quality glazed  doughnuts that will leave you wanting more.

Nightlife In Buffalo

1. Underground Nightclub

This is one of the most love nightclubs in Buffalo, New York offering drinks, dancing, DJ, karaoke and a great place to meet new people. If you like to hang out with friends, have some fun and party, this is the place to be.

2. The Gypsy Parlor

With good quality Cocktail wine and other types of drinks, good quality food the Gypsy Parlor is the perfect place you can spend late hours in. This nightclub offers dancing, drinking, mingling with friends and having a great time.

Fun Activities To Do In Buffalo

1. Queen City Escape Room

An activity you can do with your friends and family. In this escape room you get 60 minutes to make your way out of the house you are locked in. You will have to escape the room by finding clues, puzzles and mysteries.

2. North Park Theater

North Park theatre shows some great movies classic movies and local movies that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The theatre was beautifully designed by a famous architect with his famous wall paintings and ceiling decoration. The theatre showcases some of the best Independent and mainstream Cinemas.

3. Helium Comedy Club

This amazing comedy clubs showcases some famous and indie performances. They will make you laugh with their witty joke. For a light, wholesome experience go to Helium comedy club. They hold weekly shows and tickets are available online.

4. Kingdom Kids Family Fun Centre

For a fun experience for your kids, this place is the best. Your kids can play around with other kids. Get some activities done away from electronic devices and you get some alone time with your spouse. 

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