Moving Rates

Moving Rates

If you are moving houses or apartment you must be wondering whether you should move by yourself for higher professionals. We highly recommend hiring professionals for safe and efficient moving, that takes less time and gives your belongings damage free moving. However if you think moving by yourself can save you money we will discuss few points that will make you think twice about it.

Breakdown Of Cost Of Moving By Yourself

Truck Rental

When you are relocating you will have a lot of things to transport. You will have to rent a truck or trailer to transport everything. You might not be able to drive the truck of trailer yourself, as it may require special licence to drive. So you will have to hire a driver. The driver will charge you hourly and the truck rental will also be charged hourly. The cost for each of the service may vary from 22 to 50 Dollars per hour.


When you Hire a truck you’ll have to pay for the gas. If you are moving long distance the gas will cost you a lot.

Rent Packaging Solution

When you are moving yourself you may have to rent container, storage units and boxes for storing items during the moving process. Moving containers are not cheap in anyway. The companies that provide moving container ship it to your house and then ship it back to themselves after work. It does cost them a lot which they will extract from you, apart from the profit money they would earn. So all in all it will cost you quite a lot.

Moving Labour

If you do not have loyal friends that are ready to help you to move. You might have to hire moving labour who charge per hour.

Cost Of Repairing Probable Damages

When you are moving your belongings by yourself there is a high chance that you might damage some of the items during the move. It maybe heavy furniture or fragile items. The cost of repairing these items should also be considered within the expenses of moving without professional help. When you hire professional help they provide you with insurance that insurance your belongings. So even if there is some damage done you will be saved.

Cost Of Probable Medical Bills

Although, it is not certain you will get injuries and we hope that you don’t. However, there is a high chance you might injure yourself during the moving process and Hospital bills are not cheap in the United States. You will have to pay up to your deductible which often is $300 to $400 foremost of the employers.

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