Moving Checklist

This professionally made ‘moving checklist’ can help you in the moving process. It can help you organise your things and remember everything you need to do before the moving day.

Moving Checklist

2 Months Prior To Moving

The first thing you need to do is to sort your belongings. When you leave the house for a long time you gather things you don’t really need but you have it anyway. Go to your basement and attic take everything out. See what is trash and what you really need. You never know what you will find there. You might end up finding the old pair of socks that you have been searching for years.

Make three separate section. In one section keep the things you will be moving with. On the other section you keep the things you will be throwing away. Things that are basically garbage. On the third part, keep the items that can be given out to charity. Especially if you have old clothes, shoes, toys. Paintings, decorative items or anything else that you have hoarded for years. It might be difficult to let go of these things but you should know these things only increase the cost of your moving and take up extra space in your new house.

Start Looking For Movers

It is also the best time to start looking for movers. Search on the Internet. Read about the Movers, go through their website page. Do a cost comparison and finally settle on a well-reputed, licensed and experienced moving company that takes care of every aspect of the moving.

Kid’s School Arrangement
If your move includes your child moving to a different School, make sure to inform the school two months prior. That way, they can make necessary arrangements for your child’s academic process.

Legal Documents
Contact your employer to make sure you have medical insurance and other insurances in the new state. See if your insurance company needs any documentation change after your moving. This is especially true if you are moving to a different state.

1 Month Before Moving

Start Packing

One month before is the perfect time to slowly start packing. The first things you need to pack are the things that you don’t use in your day to day life. It may include the decorations on your walls, paintings, your books, photos, kitchen equipment that you don’t use everyday. Our China and special utensils that you have saved for the guests.

Pack things that can break easily in one box and things that do not break easily in another box. Items made of glass should be packed with packing peanuts or bubble wrap to make sure they don’t break during the moving process. Label each of the box with the contents in it so when you finally reach your destination you will be able to find which thing is where. However make sure to avoid labelling valuable items, you can instead use code words to label those as they are vulnerable to theft.

Make An Inventory
This process is done by the professional Movers. However, if you are not taking packing services from the movers you will have to make an Inventory of your own. You can put a number on each of the box and make a list on the paper about the contents in each of the boxes against the number. It will help the movers to identify items and determine which room it will belong It also helps your moving company to assemble your belongings in your house.

Contact the utility companies to disconnect all the services before you move. Call your utility services in the new house to make sure all the utilities are up and running when you finally move in your apartment or residential home.

Empty Your Food
Start to eat your food items that cannot be moved such as Frozen Food or packaged food that has been opened.

Officially Change your address
Make sure that your social security number is updated with your new address.Visit local post office to officially change your address or visit

10 Days Before Moving

Confirm The date with the movers. Confirm the timing, sign up contract papers, talk to them and discuss every aspect of the moving process.

Clear Out
Make sure to empty out your storage units. Clear out your safe deposit boxes from your bank and other storage spots. If you have to pick up dry cleaning do it immediately. Give your neighbour you new mailing address in case someone sends you something on your old address.

Take Leave From Office
Moving is a hectic process and it takes more than 2-3 days. Make sure to take a leave from your office for the two to three days before the moving process.

5 days before moving

Pack A Bag
Pack a personal bag. This bag will contain all the necessary items for you to survive without all you belongings that is going inside the truck. The items may include your toothbrush, toilet paper, phone charger, a pair of spare clothes, comb etc. Some other things that you should keep with you include important documents such as IDs, credit cards, debit cards, check books, medicines, insurance papers, phone, laptop, chargers, expensive jewellery, flashlight, cash money, trash bag and any other valuables.

Disassemble furniture that needs to be disassembled for moving. This can be done by you however, it is recommended that you hire professionals to do this service to keep the item safe during transportation.

On The Day Of Moving

Meet the Movers way before time. Get everything inside the truck, talk to the person who will be driving the truck. See the route they will be taking. Listen to them if they have anything to say to you.

Say goodbye to everyone you need to say goodbye to. Clean your old house as much as you can and leave it clean for the next habitants.